The Artist

With the combined action of the sand, and surf, the sea has provided these rare glass gems known as sea glass. With each individual piece of sea glass that I find, I never seem to tire over the transformation from its very beginnings as discarded glass to its final product—smooth, frosted, “Diamonds” of the sea.

I thoroughly enjoy the many hours that I spend exploring the beaches for each tiny treasure that I find. It has given me a sense of appreciation of what Nature can accomplish. This inspiration allows me to create each of my unique, “One-of- a-kind” sea glass jewelry designs.

Here at Safe Harbor Sea Glass, you will discover my individual, and artistically handcrafted sea glass creations are all made with authentic Maine sea glass. This brings to my customers, an exclusive variety of sea glass jewelry designs, handmade with outstanding craftsmanship. My passion, and inspiration for sea glass has led me to share these beautiful beach treasures with you. No two pieces of sea glass are identical, therefore making them truly unique in nature. Each piece of sea glass reveals its distinct shape, texture, and color. Many of my sea glass jewelry designs are accented with beautiful compliments of pearls, and Swarovski crystals.

Sea Glass, no matter where it's collected, is always a piece of "History." A history, that continues on in each piece of jewelry that I design, and create. I have been making authentic sea glass jewelry for many years using only genuine, not tumbled sea glass. The pieces that I use are collected from along the Maine coast, Casco, and Penobscot Bays, and the numerous islands of Maine.

Safe Harbor Sea Glass is a joint effort between my husband, and me. Without his love, and support, and guidance, I would not be where we are today.


Judy Ward
420 Meadow Road
Woolwich, Maine 04579
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Professional Organizations

  • Society of Southern Maine Craftsmen, Juried

  • Maine Crafts Association, Juried

  • United Maine Craftsmen

  • Maine Made

  • Plymouth Guild for the Arts Museum, Plymouth, MA Juried member

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