The History of Sea Glass

Sea glass, no one can deny that the magnificent ocean turns unwanted glass objects, and bottles into colorful glistening “Jewels of the sea!” The ocean's salt water, and sand combined with the various tides acts like a giant rock tumbler. Eventually, the ocean turns the sharp, broken glass into beautifully rounded frosted jewels that wash up on our shorelines. This process can take up to 10 years before a piece is considered ready, or “Cooked.”

The most common pieces are brown, white, and Kelly green. Next is purple, cobalt blue, (1 in 250 pieces), aqua, corn flower blue, (1 in 500 pieces), pink (1 in 1,000 pieces), black (1 in 2,000 pieces), yellow (1 in 3,500 pieces) Even more rare are turquoise, and red (1- in 5,000 pieces.) But the most rare, and extremely difficult to find is Orange, (1 in 10,000 pieces).